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Announcements in Forum : Vehicles
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Updated - New Warnings READ READ READ - 5/9/2012

This announcement will be updated as we see new trends and issues arising in the classified section. This will hopefully help prevent members from receiving infractions. Remember warnings DO NOT count for points.

So lets make this clear.

1) The classified section is for classifieds items for sale. This is NOT offtopic. We do not need to know how many cars you sold or what underwear your mom is wearing.

Do not continue replying back and forth quarreling and creating arguments with members.

The classified section is not a CHAT ROOM !! Use the PM system for that.

If you are contributing to any disturbances within threads because a member made mistakes in his or her thread a warning or infraction will be issued !!

Use the the REPORT button for any rules that are being broken. Do not report a thread saying "FS Troll Please ban". Reported threads with no clear issue will be ignored.

This is a standard guide line along with the rules.

2) No excessive use of symbols and asterisks (e.x: *, $,!,% etc) are allowed in any classified thread titles. It will be removed and you will be warned followed by infractions as it continues.
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HOW TO: Post Pictures, Report a Sold Item, and File a Complaint

For those who don't know, there are two ways to add an image to your post.

One is by using the "attach file" feature, and the second way is to use the [img] tag.

The "attach file" feature is pretty straightforward (please be aware of the rules before attaching anything), and for those who didn't know, is one of the available options when clicking on "new thread", "post reply", or "quote".

Using the [img] tag

This is also fairly straightforward. The only caveats are that the image you want to insert must already be hosted at a site that allows remote image linking. This meaning that the image is already online and not on your computer. is a place that you can host your images at (which I highly recommend). See this thread for other places that you can host your images at.

Just upload your image, set the sizing to Message Board and copy the [img] url blah blah blah [/img] and paste it in your post or thread. If the address of the image starts with a drive letter like a: or c:, that means it is on your computer and not usable! If you use an address like that, we will make fun of you.

Example of how to use the image tags:


When you make your post and want to insert an image, it should look like the above example. It's just that easy!

First step is to load your image.

Second step is to set the sizing to message board

Third step is to copy. Then paste in your post or thread. DONE!!


How to report your sold item or file a complaint

If you sold an item, please report your thread so we (MODERATORS & ADMINS ONLY) know that the item is sold. We will close the thread allowing the forum to run smoother. If you have a significant complaint regarding a certain post in your thread you can also report it or pm either one of the green classified moderators, Daft Punk, Flinch, Chezkers, ravenracer, and Fobby

So here is how it works, from in your thread:
  1. You will see a triangle icon with an exclamation point inside, if you hover over it with your mouse it shows "Report Post"
  2. Click it, and a message box appears. In there mention if your item is sold or if there is a major issue going on in your thread.

Here is a sample picture illustrating the process:
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Classified Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING (Updated 2012/02/14)

Welcome to the Classified Forums of VAdriven. Remember, you can never post too much information, the more details the better. We ask you to please keep in mind the following rules:
  1. Post threads in the correct forum. Do not make multiple threads for the same item in multiple forums.
  2. FS, FS/FT, TW Threads - the following information is required to be put in the first post (at the top):
    • Name
    • Location
    • Means of Contact
    • Description (Must include mileage for ANY vehicle advertised)
    • Price (Numbers only! "Make an offer" is not acceptable. The price must be realistic i.e. don't list your Civic for $500,000 to get around the rules)
    • Pictures (only required for vehicles and wheels including motorcycles) Do not make a thread until you have ACTUAL pictures of the vehicle,motorcycle or wheels
  3. WTB, FT, FREE Threads - the following information is required to be put in the first post (at the top):
    • Name
    • Location
    • Means of Contact
    • Item you're looking for/trading/giving away
    • If you're trading a vehicle or wheels a picture is required
  4. Forum Specific Rules
    1. Sponsor Marketplace
    2. Vendor Reviews
  5. No third-party threads. You need your own account to post in classifieds. This excludes vendors/sponsors.
  6. Do not bump threads you did not start.
  7. Do not bump your own threads:
    • Standard User: more than once per day.
    • Patron: more than three times per day.
  8. Comments about the price a person is asking, your post will be edited/deleted.
  9. Negative comments posted about a person or their thread, your post will be edited/deleted.
    If you have evidence that this person is a scammer, PM a moderator.
  10. Please do not low ball. It will be considered a low ball offer if you offer less than 90% of the asking price.
    Low ball offers will be edited/deleted. If you feel your offer might have a chance, submit it through PMs.
  11. Posts which are found to have no value to the thread will be edited/deleted.
  12. Do not spam your classified threads in other people's threads unless they specifically made such a request.
  13. Do not just paste a link to another webpage such as eBay or copy and paste from another ad. If you do this your thread will be closed.
  14. If your thread gets locked, there was a reason for it. If you start another thread about the same thing you will be banned. PM a moderator if you have a question.
  15. Upon completion of a sale or receiving items wanted, please report the post saying so. The thread will then be closed.
  16. Don't try and get fancy and use symbols in your thread title, doing so will most likely get you a temporary ban. If people are interested in your items they'll find them.
  17. Don't post in threads that are more than 6 months old. If you *really* think that someone still has that item for sale after the thread has been 6 months dead, send the original poster a PM. Don't bump old threads.

Advertising: If you're selling items here for a business you'll need to open a vendor account. Also, If you're selling many items that are the same you're probably acting like a business and need a vendor account.

VAdriven is not responsible for any interactions on the site. The forums are here as a courtesy to you. Please use the iTrader system to make an educated decision on your purchase/sale. If you do not follow these rules action will be taken on your account up to and including revoking access to the forums.

Here is an example of a proper FS thread. Please take a look.

These are in addition to the main forum rules. Classified rule violations will be handled in the same manner as the main forum rules.
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