How to General: The Rules

How to General: The Rules

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    1. Threads & Posts
      1. Post threads in the proper forum. Read the forum descriptions or if in doubt PM a moderator.
      2. Do not post a thread in multiple forums. This includes making a thread that only references another one.
      3. Do not bring back old threads (no replies in a month or more) without posting something constructive.
      4. Inappropriate responses (flaming, trolling, insulting users, et cetera) will not be tolerated.
      5. Racism will not be tolerated.
      6. Do not attempt to bypass the word filter.
      7. Keep posts on-topic in relation to a thread.
      8. Thread titles must be work friendly.
      9. All posts must be work friendly in content (i.e. No nudity or graphic violence). The Backroom is the only exception.
      10. Do not post or ask about spots.
      11. Refrain from talk about illegal activities and/or violence.
      12. Don't try and get fancy and use symbols in your thread title, doing so will most likely get you a temporary ban.
      13. No referral links or online petitions.
      14. Business/commercial related posts require a Sponsor account.
    2. Forum Specific Rules - Read the stickies as well
      1. Road Kill
      2. Classified Forums
      3. Vendor Reviews
      4. Eye Candy
      5. Super Punchout
    3. Signatures / Avatars / Attachments
      1. Images must be work friendly.
      2. No commercial images and/or advertising.
      3. No more than 4 lines of text.
      4. Only 1 quote allowed, the formatting takes up to much space to use more.
      5. Attachment rules
    4. Profile
      1. Pictures in your profile must be vehicle related. Any inappropriate content will result in a locked profile.
    5. Miscellaneous
      1. Do not create another username for any reason! - If you have a problem with your current username contact a moderator. This includes name changes.
      2. Do not share user names with other people. Open your own.
      3. Do not abuse the trade ratings system in any way. First violation will result in a temporary ban, the second will be permanent.

    This list is not all inclusive! Disrupting the forums is unacceptable and users who do so will be dealt with accordingly.

    Violations of the Rules
    • In most cases the first violation results in an infraction.
    • Multiple infractions will automatically (handled by the forum software) result in a temporary ban lasting from a week to a month.
    • Spamming the forums or scamming another member will result in a permanent ban.
    • Attempting to circumvent a ban will result in your internet service provider being contacted.
    • Moderators have the right to close, edit, or delete any post/thread they deem necessary.

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