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1991 Prelude Si + 1988 Prelude 2.0 AWS ("donor car")

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Default 1991 Prelude Si + 1988 Prelude 2.0 AWS ("donor car")

Name: Jason
Location: VA Beach
Means of contact: PM
Price: $1800.00 FIRM

Description: I suppose this is more of a feeler than anything else, I'd rather not get rid of the ole girl. Long story short, a 1991 Prelude was my first vehicle when I hit 16, Midnight Blue Pearl, loved her. Then a flash flood hit and that was that. A few years back I was browsing CL and came across this one that is actually for sale, Red. 1991 Prelude Si with the B21A1 ABS. She was my fun car. Got rid of my Teg (and my 99 Si which Ramey bought) to get a truck and been driving a truck ever since. Her tags and inspection are loooong expired, but, I may or may not have (wink) been driving her around twice a month to run her and put load on the engine. To pass inspection, she'll need tires (which I have but they aren't very wide) - brand new, forget the brand they've been sitting in a garage non-weathered for awhile now. Original blade rims.

I'll do a good and bad for anyone interested:

- Still runs strong and starts right up
- Very clean interior, non smoker there is a tiny (and I mean you have to know where it is) on the drivers seat where I slightly melted the spot with a soldering iron (fixing fog lamps).
- Damn good body, front of drivers side quarter panel and drivers door (underneath handle) have shopping cart indentation (thanks Mrs. Ignorantgrocerylady appreciate that still to this day) -- was told by a magic puller (forget his name here) it would be about $125 to pull out and was confident he could do it.
- Tranny is great, no slippage, however, high RPM scratch on 3rd (high RPM meaning anything higher than 5k and she's gonna scratch a little -- file/replace synchro and problem should go away)
- It still has the clock settings flap/door in place! (those that know 3rd gens may get a giggle here)
- The hood latch is intact (another 3rd gen joke)
- The climate (temperature) control knob is fine (but truth be told I had to take it from the donor)
- I have a brand new Honda timing belt, idler pulley (and spring), thermostat and water pump w/ gasket
- Alternator was rebuilt and rewound for a 20amp increase over stock if I remember correctly (the amperage, either way it's more than stock)
- For a Classic, she's in damn good condition (and quite sought after 3rd gen)

- Valve seals (these are toast, evident oil burn after letting up from high rev despite being run every two or three weeks, she mostly sits, lets face it, combine that with being original 1991 valve seals well there you go)
- A/C compressor is shot (the one off the 1988 -may- be good, may not, its 50/50 but incase the one in the donor is no good, I took off $100 from what I wouldve asked for so you can get this:
- Little rust underneath gas cover (common place for 3rd gens) BUT no rust on wheel wells (another common place for 3rd gens)
- Will need brake pads and turn down of rotors
- Will need tires, but again I have tires you'll simply have to get them put on the Prelude rims
- Will need a battery (jump starts right up -- but the battery is shot)
- The paint, it's every bit of 1991 paint, so eventually I'm sure you'll want a paint job plain and simple (hood has some fading while the roof has a great deal of fading, but, this may clear up a little if she were washed and waxed -- something I havent done in years)
- The seat belt fasten indicators/rear view mirror cover is broken. My last 3rd gen didnt have a problem with this, maybe it's another 3rd gen Prelude "thing" I couldn't tell you, but, I found one on eBay for $15 plus shipping, which included the mirror (which is just fine)

Look, it's a 3rd gen, a clean one with some cleaning up.. its a classic and is sought after. I really rather not sell it, but, if it's worth $1800 to someone serious about getting her to her glory, I'll let it go. This includes the 1988 (no title) donor car, which has a B20A5 block in it (original plans were to pull it, sleeve it and go from there -- but around the time I was going to do that, surprise, a daughter is procreated) and has --- 4WS, which looks and operates nicely. The engine in the 1988 is rough looking but I didn't care, it has no hole in it and when I dropped the pan, the crank looked good (nothing a polishing wouldnt take care of). It will come with polk speakers all the way around, not blown sound good with a Kenwood deck with RCA/Line Level subwoofer output.

"The catch":
The vehicle is located on the Little Creek Amphibious base. As of last November the military has tightened down on their security measures, the details of which I'm unsure. But.. the 1988 donor will be an issue if you try to have a tow truck come and get it, because base police is involved when a tow truck is involved. If you have a trailer however, then we can meet outside the base, I can attach the trailer to my truck (if the tags on it are up to date) and you can ride with me while we load up the 1988. The 1991 has a clear and clean title with it, so that wont be an issue for a tow truck.. or again, if you have a trailer that's simple enough (same procedure as above, unless you have military sticker on your tow vehicle then there are no problems at all). Bill of sale will accompany the 1988 stating that you bought it from me. "But Jason, it doesnt seem as though it's worth $1800," my response, "Then don't buy it. 1991 Si ABS with a donor 3rd gen that has 4WS to put in the 1991 and it's clean interior and decent body is something I would pay $1800 for..." This is a project, but, with little that needs to be done to get her on the road to drive around.

I will get these up, right now though I'm taking advantage of the nice weather and cleaning out the garage, of which I suspect will result in parts for other vehicles being placed up for sale as well. Time will tell.

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Default Re: 1991 Prelude Si + 1988 Prelude 2.0 AWS ("donor car")

Pieces from the "DONOR" car include:

B20A5 engine, precise condition unknown, pistons likely seized. A/C compressor, Alternator, Throttle Body, etc. sell the pieces off on eBay or something.. Passenger side quarter panel is bleh, drivers side is good, drivers and passenger side fenders are good.. front bumper is ok, rear bumper is intact. Seats are trashed. Window motors (including sunroof) are good. Front windshield is done, all other windows are good. Tranny feels good, slave cylinder and master cylinder are good. IOW's, if you got time (which I dont have) you could likely piece off the donor car and get all this for next to nothing. Hood is good, trunk lid is garbage. Drivers and Passenger doors are good. Actually, aside from the bash cluster, the interior is just plain garbage really. Glove box is good. Headliner, no idea, probably garbage like the rest of the interior. No codes stored in donor ECU last check, so I guess all sensors are good in it.
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Default Re: 1991 Prelude Si + 1988 Prelude 2.0 AWS ("donor car")

And by AWS in the title I mean 4WS, but I'm sure everyone got the idea.
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Default Re: 1991 Prelude Si + 1988 Prelude 2.0 AWS ("donor car")

i'd interested in some pictures of the running one.. actually, both please haha. bump for a fellow 3g owner.
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