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djyuck 02-24-2016 11:19 PM

My Euro Trash/Life Thread
Alright fuckers, I've been in Germany for two years and haven't really posted much about it despite all of the cool car shit I've seen and done. So, I'll post all my stuff here. I'll start with taking delivery of my newest car.


I knew I wanted a car that was lighter and nimbler than my 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8, which performed well on the Nürburgring and Hockenheimring, but was really easy to reach its limits. So, I looked at the C63, '16 Audi TT-S, ZL1, P-Cars and a few others. I test drove the F80 and I was blown away by how neutral it felt in the corners and how easy it was to maneuver about. Such an incredible feeling and it is a pretty large car. The local BMW dealer here in Bavaria that sells to Americans here on the SOFA agreement offered me an incredibly generous trade-in for my SRT ($30,500 w/ 48k mi). So, I was absolutely sold :) I opted to take in-country Welt delivery, which was an additional $200. My saleswoman told me she would split the cost with me, which seemed nice.


I knew I wanted a car I would frequent at the local tracks, while serving as my daily for my 1 mile commute to work. The F80 also gave me the flexibility to bring the whole family if need be. I figured a well-optioned stripper would suffice. Here's the build:

Yas Marina Blue (YMB)
Black Extended Leather
CF Roof
M Adaptive Suspension
19" Black Wheels

I was fitted with an F30 328i loaner with only 50 miles- brand new '15 MY. I had no real complaints besides the annoying engine ticking when cold-starting (direct injection). I would remain in this loaner from June through September. Some time in July, I pointed out a YMB F80 to my wife. She said it looked "just like" my previous '13 Grabber Blue 5.0... I told her they were actually different, but she vehemently protested my color choice. So, decided to change my color choice to Sakhir Orange (SO). Well, I was at another BMW dealer and saw SO in low-light. It really looked more burgundy than the bright orange-red I saw in pictures on BMW forums, so I wasn't completely sold on SO now. I mulled over Austin Yellow (AY) for a few days and decided the best bet would be leaving the choice to chance. I cut the M colors into little pieces, put them into a hat and let my oldest daughter pick the color- AY it is! So, I made the walk of shame to my CA and told her I wanted to change my color, AGAIN. She just laughed and I made the change just in time, as the frame and sub-frame components were just being completed. I had made in time by a matter of hours. It's pretty incredible how up-to-date the salespeople in Germany have the build information.


Fast forwarding to 16 Sep, I already returned my loaner, wife was in vacation in Charleston. I came back home early for delivery...
I got to the Bahnhof in Mittelfranken and it was empty at 0530

A few hours later I reached the Hauptbahnhof in München, which is a MASSIVE train station with a store for any possible gift or cuisine you may desire prior to em/debarking

I took the U2/U8 metro from Hauptbahnhof to Olympia Zentrum (I believe). I came out of the escalator and saw this sign

I was directed by the info desk lady to take the elevator to the third floor, which brought me here

while waiting for an associate to take my plates, registration, etc. I met another member on here who was visiting from Chicago. We got to chat about cars, economics and work. Great guy. I also noticed a standard poodle, who was patiently waiting, which looked much like my mother's

After I completed the admin portion, I was informed my delivery time was pushed to the left from 1140 to 1110, which did not give me much time to wander, which I obliged, having been to the Welt several times prior. I decided to go to the dining/lounge area and scarf down a few bratwursts and musli cups

The staff there was very polite and even charged my phone, which died from the excessive browsing on the 3.5 hour ride down (sleep, heh, yeah right). I decided to buy a few trinkets. I was given the obligatory 10 Euro credit and free BMW key chain w/ engraving. I ended up getting a second, for which the lady at the register didn't charge me I later realized. I took some GoPro footage of the Welt, too. Upon return to the staging area, I noticed someone else getting an F80 delivered

It was finally 1110! I met a gent named Reinhold (Werner, I believe). I spoke German to him and he replied in English (as always in Germany). As we went down the escalator, there she was. I knew instantly fate did me right- the color was perfect! :) :wow: :beer:

I explained to Reinhold I previously owned an F30 335i, so he didn't waste our time explaining every feature. Instead, he showed me some of the advanced configurations of the nav and voice commands, which was very beneficial. My car was fitted with Contis (as opposed to Michelin PSS) :mad: Reinhold explained all '16 F8Xs will be fitted with Contis, as they allegedly perform better in the rain. I found this later to be false, they just ran out of PSS'... what a faggle.

The car came with a half tank of gas (that's a first for a new delivery) and 4 KM on the dash

Reinhold gave me the peremptory HK Bluetooth Speaker, photos w/ thumb drive and eventually sent me on my way. I took a couple victory laps with the GoPro and went outside for a quick :beer:

I drove back home, taking backroads. I can't say enough about this car. It is loud, stiff, agile, yet comfortable. This car is a fucking dream to drive. The car is VERY loud at start-up. It's weird. After it cycles a bit, the valves close and it sounds somewhat normal. My boy's Porsche does that too. Weird.

I just started an Instagram account for it. I'll be starting to update it more frequently. Check it out at AY_M3.

RatchetGoon 02-25-2016 08:25 AM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread

TATTRAT 02-25-2016 11:49 AM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread

Reloaded 02-25-2016 02:30 PM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread
Love the color

philipxedge 02-25-2016 04:08 PM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread
That color is bad ass.

NasTHatch 02-25-2016 06:10 PM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread
Only a gfggle would drive that car, suits you well :love:

djyuck 02-26-2016 05:13 PM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread
Moar pics from the delivery:

djyuck 02-27-2016 06:05 AM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread

Originally Posted by RatchetGoon (Post 8369849)

Originally Posted by philipxedge (Post 8369862)
That color is bad ass.

Thanks. Must spread.
The pics don't really do it enough justice. It is extremely bright in person- almost greenish.

Boom 02-28-2016 04:37 PM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread
One of my dream cars! Congrats!

djyuck 03-04-2016 12:07 PM

Re: My Euro Trash/Life Thread
Two old school RS6s together at this car show in Nürnberg. The red one is from Switzerland and the second is from Liechtenstein. Both are extremely wealthy countries. So most likely these faggles drove three hours just to come to the show.People from neighboring countries love to come and drive fast as fuck because they all have speed limits.
This is what Civics look like here. There are none that look like the ones in the states. I know some of you C-Ville faggles are about to circle jerk.
These Peugeots are obviously not in America; this one is really cool looking IMO.
LOVE these.
VWs in Germany are like Hondas in America.
These are literally everywhere. A station wagon 5 series, A6 Wagon, E-Class Wagon, etc. are all extremely popular.

There are more. I just don't want to junk up this page with too many pictures per link to thread.

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