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If your thread gets locked.

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Default If your thread gets locked.

Starting now 10/7/05 you've all had a week to get your thread to match the rules. If you didn't bother then I will take that as a sign you are not serious about selling your car so there is no need for it to be cluttering up the FS section making it harder for serious sellers to keep their threads on page 1.

I suggest you do not make another thread about the same thing or you will be banned. I also suggest you read the rules and if you think your thread met all the rule requirements and it still got closed, you can send a PM to the moderator that closed the thread.

Click here for the rules

A fair warning: If you send a PM without having read the rules to ask why your thread was closed and/or to whine, the result will not be pleasant for you. Also, I suggest if you are going to send me or anyone else a PM, make it mature and professional.

Do not send the moderators a PM about your thread without providing a link to it.

If your thread gets closed because of rule #16 and you have proof that you are legitmately trying to sell your car using ebay, autotrader, newspaper can PM me and your thread will be re-opened.

This forum is here as a privledge to those people who are serious sellers and who can follow simple directions.

This thread will self destruct..........
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