Friday Night Drifting at Dominion Raceway 6/30/17

Friday Night Drifting at Dominion Raceway 6/30/17

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    Friday Night Drifting at Dominion Raceway 6/30/17

    Drifting at Dominion Raceway is here!

    We have a few "Friday Night Under The Lights" events coming up this summer/fall, with the first happening on June 30th, from 5-11pm. $5 gate entry, $65 to drive, $10 to ride along.

    A few benefits to drifting at Dominion:

    -Lots of seat time. We will be focusing on keeping the track hot and letting everyone get as many runs as possible. If you choose to do grip test/tune, we will have a timing system in use. To tandem, you will need a cage with doorbars.

    -Street car/Daily Driver friendly: Brand new, 'NASCAR smooth' asphalt wont chew up tires, and the track location off exit 118 of I-95 is within AAA/Towing distance to RVA/DC/Norfolk if you have a mechanical issue. Track layout is accommodating for both low and high HP cars.

    -Awesome for Spectators: Large grandstands directly in front of the track, FULL BAR and Grill open all night, large "DominionVision" jumbotron screen in the infield playing drifting related videos, and a great sound system.

    -Location: I-95 Exit 118, 15 Minutes from Fredericksburg, 30 Minutes from Richmond, 1.5 Hours from NoVA, and 2.5 Hours from Hampton Roads.

    We should have a tech inspection list uploaded shortly, but if your car has passed tech at any of the other major racetracks in the area you should not have a problem with it passing tech for Dominion. DOT Helmet required. We will be as accommodating as possible for late arrivals to get you inspected and on-track.
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    Re: Friday Night Drifting at Dominion Raceway 6/30/17

    I'd like to go down, maybe to take some pics. How is access? Is it just from the stands, or can you venture around a bit?
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