"demolishers or scrap metal processors only"

FREE - If you are the correct business.....

I have an 02 ZX3 with a running engine AFAIK minus a starter. It ran and did not overheat before another ZX3 owner needed the starter which I allowed them to have....long story.

The vehicle seems to have internal drivetrain damage it went into gear but will not move forward or backwards. No grinding...just won't go anywhere.

The vehicle's interior is in pieces to a degree. It will need new front seats.

One of the doors is dented as well. Missing a few engine components like airbox/hoses etc.....most of it is thrown in the vehicle.

I will be ready to get rid of the vehicle in 9/26/17. The vehicle was left by a neighbor who never titled the vehicle in their name.

Lots of rigmarole for sure, but the right "demolisher" "scrap metal processor" will be used to this.

This is the form that will need to be completed.


Let me know if interested. I sold my other ZX3 and this was meant to be a parts car or a vehicle that I was going to restore until I found out the last guy never titled it.

Since I no longer have a running ZX3, the best way to reach me is via PM since I likely won't be monitoring this forum.