First in an attempt to head off any questions before I get a bunch of emails ... a Q & A session :)

Q: What's this page for?
A: To try and sell the Esprit bumper I have in my garage. I'm going to post this to several forums and instead of posting the same information over and over again I'll just refer to this page.

Q: Why are you selling it?
A: Because the company that I ordered it from sent me the wrong one. I have a 1997 240SX, they sent me a bumper for a 1995-1996 240SX.

Q: Didn't you check to see if it fit?
A: No, and that was my mistake. I figured it was a high quality bumper not some cheap knock off so fitment wouldn't be an issue. I had also been waiting over 8 months to get it; to say I was excited to get it installed would be an understatement. It wasn't until I went to install it that it became apparant that I had the wrong bumper. My loss, your gain.

Q: So what exactly am I getting?
A: A professionally painted (black if you can't tell) Esprit fiberglass front bumper for a 1995-1996 240SX with a kevlar lip, 2 JDM Nissan turn signals, 2 sidemarkers, all the wiring needed to connect to the USDM harness, the brackets needed to install the bumper and instructions in japanese. The instructions in japanese aren't the best so I had someone translate the important parts, so you will be getting installation instructions in english too.

Q: Why is it so expensive?
A: The bumper is expensive in Japan. The retail price in Japan is 78000 yen which is in the low $700 USD range depending on the exchange. Not to mention, this is (as far as I know) the only bumper that has been shipped to the USA.

Q: Why is it so cheap?
A: There are some things that may or may not be percieved as problems. Pictures of things I would want to know about if I were buying the bumper are below. I need to get rid of it so I can order a new bumper.

Q: Where are you located?
A: I'm in Southeastern Virginia.

Q: Enough with the questions! How much is it?
A: If you live within reasonable driving distance I'll deliver it to you for $800. I'd really prefer to avoid the hassle of shipping it, but if you really want it we can work something out.

Contact Info:
email: Solve this reCAPTCHA to email me
AIM: engman

Pictures: (these are scaled 25%, if you want higher quality or a picture of something else let me know)

Front view

Front view at an angle

Rear view

Rear view at an angle

Kevlar lip


Possible Problems:

Drill slipped when installing left turn signal resulting it 2 holes instead of 1.

Center opening has been shortened some to clear my FMIC. The edge isn't perfectly flat but would easily be fixed with a belt sander if it bothers you.

Some scratches on the corners where the bumper meets the fender, would not be seen when installed, but I thought I'd show anyway. This is the left side, a similar scratch is on the right.

Finally ... a picture of it almost installed on my car