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    Re: Western Off Topic

    this site was killed by a small handful of small people. Being total douches to everyone who attempts to become a member here will indeed do what it has. Most learn this at a very young age. Some insist on being physically taught. And, ironically, many people like that don't have people in their lives that care enough about them to do that.

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    Re: Western Off Topic

    ^^^ Oh, hey up there, GRINNER

    Quote Originally Posted by Yardjass View Post
    You used the search function for "grinner" didn't you. You're about to have a bad day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trunk Impaired View Post
    Look buddy, this is not a difficult concept to understand. Around here it's faggot until proven not faggot.
    Quote Originally Posted by :Hooch: View Post
    There needs to be a juggalo holocaust.
    Quote Originally Posted by Richmond View Post
    Sorry for gaying up the Miata thread!

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