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The eye-candy rules.

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    Arrow The eye-candy rules.

    1. Threads containing adult or otherwise work-unfriendly material must be placed in The Backroom forum.
    2. Threads containing offensive material (gore and the like) must be prefaced with (x) in the subject. Oh, and preface means before. Just thought I should throw that in.
    3. Threads containing either multiple images or large file size images should be prefaced with (56k) in the subject. This is a courtesy for users still stuck with dialup.
    4. Absolutely NO hardcore pornography allowed. Hardcore is defined as penetration of any kind.
    5. Any videos posted should contain the following info in the post: content of video (the (*) and (x) rules still apply), type of file (.mpg, .avi, etc), length/size of file, and any codecs needed to play.
    6. No images or links to any illegal content. If the images contain explicit material involving minors (i.e. people under 18), they don't belong here.
    7. Threads will be occasionally purged to free up space/bandwidth, so don't complain about old threads disappearing.

    If you have a question as to what would fall into one or more of the sections, please ask a moderator first before posting.

    Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted and the poster warned.

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    Rules about Attachments

    Special rules for attachments:
    1. You shall not post pornography via attachments. You can still link them in The Backroom, just don't use attachments for them.
    2. You shall not post any images in an attempt to flame somebody. This means none of those you're retarded, 0wn3d, etc pictures.
    Violators of these rules WILL BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY.
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